How To Take Off False Lashes Easily
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How To Take Off False Lashes Easily

False lashes are perfect for tying together your make-up look and for giving you an all-round sophisticated finish. However, false eyelashes are also notoriously difficult to take off¬†easily because the eyelash glue which is designed to ensure your lashes stay in place for hours! As a result, taking off your false eyelashes can be a delicate and sometimes difficult process, and if you’re not careful some of your real lashes can be accidentally removed if you aren’t careful. This is a guide to how to take off your false lashes the right way, without sacrificing your real eyelashes in the process!


1. Use the right glue

We recommend using a latex-free eyelash glue because it’s softer on your skin and natural eyelashes.


2. Remove your makeup

Remove all your eye makeup and face makeup before you start. You’ll be using a cotton pad to loosen the glue and we don’t want that pad removing your makeup at the same time.


3. Soak a cotton pad with with eyelash glue remover, makeup remover or coconut oil

If you don’t have eyelash glue remove simply use makeup¬†remover or coconut oil.


4. Apply the cotton pad to your eyelash band

You’ll need to dab the cotton pad to the eyelash band so that the glue gets loosened.


5. Gently remove your false eyelashes

Once the glue has loosened, gently peel off your false eyelashes.


6. Store your false eyelashes

Store your false eyelashes in a clean dry place, like your eyelash box.



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